Le Gabon de Fernand Grébert Gabon
les " Albums Africains " rédigés par Fernand Grébert au Gabon entre 1913 et 1932. Il s'agit du plus important manuscrit jamais écrit sur cette partie de l'Afrique.
  Art décoratif Tschokwe Catalogues
Parmi nos catalogues " Art décoratif Tshokwe, La Collection Henrique Quirino da Fonseca ". Il porte sur l'une des plus importantes collections particulière d'objets Tshokwe.
  Guide Art Tribal - Europe Guide Art Tribal
"L'Art Tribal en Europe", le premier ouvrage bilingue qui dresse la carte de l'art tribal dans toute l'Europe.

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uB-mobile, Art Tribal, musées

"Leading provider of enabling products and services in the mobile environment with focus on the media industry"

Based on a leading-edge technology and usability understanding in mobile technologies such as SMS, WAP, and Audio, uB-mobile focuses on delivering one-stop customized solutions that help its partners generate revenues with a short time-to-market and low financial risk.

Implementing actual technologies, uB-mobile delivers today's high quality mobility services

uB-mobile has been supplying the leaders for over 10 years

Nokia, MSN, Yahoo, Openwave, Nova, T-Online, Gault&Millau, Orange, Antenna Audio, Swisscom

Nokia ad for uB-mobile

uB-mobile provides an end-to-end solution to Media Partners :

1. The MediaPartner creates content in e-format
2. The content is directly fed into the ub-content management system
3. The content is transformed to a wireless SMS format and combined with the SMS Channel applications
4. Customers can book SMS on the Media Partner‘s web-page
5. The branded mobile content is also distributed to other partners
6. The Media Partner and ub-mobile share the net-revenue

An example, the SMS Channels :
200 Selected & constantly updated SMS News channels, including Info-SMS and City-SMS, managed by experienced editorial team
Professional delivery and online prepayment tool

uB-mobile's team

Geneva based, 35 employees + international stringers
Founders : Frédéric Dawance, Simon Johnson, Richard Vogel

Board members :
uB-mobileMartin Velasco, Telefonica Board Member
Olivier Trancart, Head of HP Financial Services
Jean-Pierre Pedrazzini, Egon Zehnder International
Lars Reichelt, Director Wireless Yahoo Europe!
Luke Murrell, Nokia European Business Development*
Chuck Parrish, Openwave & WAP Forum*

uB-mobile's activities and assets have been sold in 2002 to a European media group.
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